Executive Recruiter Collections

Executive recruiters serve an important role in the success of businesses and workers across the country. Unfortunately, recruiters are also susceptible to being owed money from clients. If you’re an executive recruiter looking to collect on client debt, Southwest Recovery can help. Our quick services and polite collection calls are designed to make quick agreements with better outcomes.

Protect Your Bottom Line

The executive recruiting industry has shown 3% growth over the last 5 years due to increased demand and rising corporate profit levels. To succeed in this industry, recruiters need to keep their bottom line protected. Being owed money can cost a business even more money, and it can even lead to business failure. As an executive recruiter, you need to protect your bottom line and collect on debts as soon as possible. Southwest Recovery Services has worked with executive recruiters to collect on client debt quickly to prevent loss of profit.

Don’t Lose Valued Clients

Executive recruiters need to have a strong relationship with the businesses who employ them. If you need to collect debt from a client but don’t want to lose them, Southwest Recovery can help. Our recovery agents use a friendly, understanding approach to collect debt from your clients. This debt collection method shows higher success rates and better outcomes, and it’s less likely to turn clients away from working with you again. With Southwest Recovery, you can collect payment and maintain a relationship with your clients.

Professional Representation of Your Business

As an executive recruiter, you probably aren’t trained or experienced enough to make effective collection calls. You might not be able to represent your business in a professional manner, and you won’t know how to come to a beneficial agreement with your clients. Southwest Recovery has a team of recovery agents trained to represent your business in a friendly, professional manner, leading to better outcomes and quicker collections.

Friendly, Cooperative Collections

Debt collection calls are heavily regulated in the United States to protect clients from harassment and scams. These regulations make collection calls a difficult task, especially if you aren’t trained to meet the legal requirements. Southwest Recovery only uses debt collection techniques in compliance with these regulations, and we always strive to be friendly and cooperative with your clients. We’re dedicated to collecting debt by working with your clients to discuss the best payment options. 

Southwest Recovery can Help

Don’t try to collect client debts on your own. Executive recruiters aren’t trained to make collection calls, but we are. Southwest Recovery strives to represent your business well, collect payments quickly and preserve your reputation with clients. Here’s what Southwest Recovery can do for you:

  • Frequent follow-up efforts to make quick contact with your clients
  • Dispute resolution
  • Improve your payment and collection system to prevent future debt
  • Various payment options

Southwest Recovery charges no out of pocket costs. We’re a contingency agency, meaning our payment is based on how much money we collect for you. If you’re struggling to collect debts for your clients, you can trust Southwest Recovery. Our industry-tested friendly but firm approach to debt collection will bring you higher success rates and better outcomes, all while maintaining your company’s good reputation.