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Southwest Recovery Services is a Tampa collection agency that helps businesses recover outstanding debt from former and current customers. Our collection services include medical collectionsutility collectionsretail collectionsapartment collections, and more.

We are known nationwide for our ethical and compassionate approach to debt collection without sacrificing results. SWR Tampa operates on a contingency basis, so we don’t get paid unless you do. That way you only stand to profit by sending an account to collections. This is how we built our good reputation, have stayed in business for more than 25 years, and were able to open 10 locations around the United States. 

Who Should Hire A Collection Agency?

Anyone who needs to collect past due payments can benefit from hiring a debt collection agency. If you’re busy running a business chances are you don’t have time to chase customers around asking them to pay their invoice. Even if you do have time to find and contact them, you may not know what it takes to actually make them pay. This can turn into a time-consuming process that takes time away from getting new customers and doing what you’re passionate about. 

Whether you’re collecting a single invoice or thousands of past due invoices, we can get the money you’re owed—fast. Our debt recovery services are a great option for Florida businesses regardless of their size because you can get paid without putting up the cost of managing collections in-house. You’ll also save hours of your valuable time.

Debt Collection Statute of Limitations

You may want to try your hand at debt recovery before outsourcing the account to a third-party debt recovery company like Southwest Recovery Services in Tampa. However, you shouldn’t delay too long because the longer you go without collecting, the less likely it is that you ever will. After 120 days, it’s much less likely that you’ll ever recover the debt. Also, the statute of limitations on debt collection in Florida is usually around five years. After that time neither you nor our debt collection agency will be able to file a lawsuit and recover the outstanding debt. 

Tailor-Made Debt Recovery Solutions

We customize our debt collection strategy to fit your business and your customer’s needs. This helps us negotiate a speedy resolution and repayment plan that suits all involved parties. We carefully assign agents to cases based on the industries they’re knowledgeable about, years of experience, and the number of accounts they’ve closed to ensure each of our clients gets the results they deserve. 

Debt collection is a specialized skill. To maximize results, you need a dedicated collections team that is focused, equipped, properly trained, and compliant with federal, state, and local collection laws. Southwest Recovery Services utilizes a number of tools for collecting, such as technology, partnerships with agencies and attorneys, and highly experienced staff. 

What We Need From You

To boost your chances of recovering the money owed, we’ll need as much information about the debtors as possible, such as:

All of this information will set us up to collect outstanding balances fast and close out old accounts with little to no hassle. 

Tampa Debt Collection Agency

We are a Tampa collection agency that helps businesses collect the money they are owed. Our collections services include include medical collectionsutility collectionsretail collectionsapartment collections, and more. Southwest Recovery Services provides efficient debt recovery solutions, revenue cycle management, accounts receivable management, and judgment collections services for clients nationwide. To ensure our clients always get the best deal, we also operate on a contingency basis. That means we’ll never charge you any upfront fees to send an account to collections or to report that account to credit bureaus each month while we collect the full amount. 

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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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