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Addison Debt Collection Agency

Southwest Recovery is a collection agency headquartered in Addison, TX. Our debt collectors can work with businesses other clients to collect money and recover lost revenue streams successfully. Our services include medical, utility, retail, rental, and other collection services. Regardless of the number of invoices you are seeking to settle, our team can work with you to collect the amount you owed in a timely, efficient manner. 

As a contingency-based bill collection agency, you won’t be accountable for a single penny until our debt collectors are able to collect on your behalf. More importantly, you have the ability to decide how much you would be willing to accept as part of a settlement agreement up front, and a percentage of that amount will be considered the payment for our credit collection. 

From our location in Addison, TX our team is always ready to take action on bad debt accounts across Texas, throughout the country, or even other parts of the world as needed to make sure every possible effort is being made to help you restore lost revenue streams.  

Why Hire Debt Collectors For Collection Recovery?

The process of debt collection is a specialized skill that can be both times consuming and challenging without the proper training and resources. Instead of struggling to track down and recover lost revenue on your own, hiring a dedicated bill collection team is the best way to maximize results. In addition to the cost of time and energy involved in credit collection efforts without the right training and experience, there is also a need for compliance with federal, state, and local collection laws. 

This means that working with a professional debt collection agency in Addison is the best way to reduce risk and get the highest level of productivity out of your expense. Because our debt collectors are all specifically trained to deal with stubborn customers in a firm, but friendly way, you have a higher chance of seeing a positive return on your investment than when trying to run an in-house collections team.

In addition to working on your behalf to collect on bad debts, our team can also report accounts to major credit reporting agencies using an efficient and automated process that is updated every 30 days. Proper reporting to these agencies is a highly effective part of the collection process, and can dramatically increase the likelihood that an overdue account will yield a settlement.

Because medical debt is a growing problem in Addison, like many other places across the nation, our team has the necessary training to handle these situations with appropriate care and compassion. Because medical concerns can be a highly emotional topic for many individuals, we understand how important it is to adopt a gentler approach when handling these situations. Our team will make every effort to maintain a positive reputation for your business while working to settle any outstanding debts that are owed.

Why Southwest Recovery is Your Best Choice

With over 25 years of debt recovery experience, our team of talented professionals is committed to making sure that your unpaid accounts are handled in a timely manner while preserving a positive relationship between you and your clients. We take the time to customize our approach to better suit your specific needs and situation, and we will match your account to agents that will yield maximum efficiency based on your situation. By performing daily audits on your accounts, we can be sure that every effort is being made to settle debts while also maintaining all compliance expectations. 


Recovering Unpaid Debts in Addison, Texas

As a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area Addison is no stranger to big business deals and major events. The reality though, is that the DFW Metroplex, including Addison, has a reputation for being one of the most debt-ridden areas in the nation. Aside from the nation’s capital, the Dallas area is notorious for the number of debts owed by various private citizens. Everything from mortgages, student loans, auto loans, medical bills, and credit card debts are all lingering over the heads of many individuals, and for the businesses looking to recover this money, working with the right collections agency can make the difference between a successful recovery and prolonged revenue loss.

If you’re looking for a way to safely recover unpaid debts in Addison, TX then don’t hesitate to contact Southwest Recovery today! Our team is always ready to work with clients from any industry to find the best way to recover lost revenue and settle unpaid debts in a timely, efficient manner.


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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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