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Roof Contractor Collections

Business owners and property managers depend on professional roofing contractors to maintain the roofs of their commercial buildings, preventing structural issues as the years progress and severe weather storms roll through the area. Roofing is one of the most important construction jobs there is, and successful roofing companies usually don’t struggle to find work. What can be a struggle, however, is getting business owners to pay for their roofing services by the agreed-upon date.  That doesn’t mean you should give up on collecting the money you’re owed; it just means you should turn to a trusted and respected debt collection agency like Southwest Recovery Services when you need help.

At Southwest Recovery Services, we understand that the vast majority of business owners want to pay for the services they’ve received. However, unemployment and illness, along with the current pandemic, can interfere with people’s ability to pay for roofing work once the job is done. 

If you’ve already done the work, you need to be paid in full so you can afford the labor and materials for your next job. That’s why we offer debt collection for roofing contractors with no out-of-pocket costs or upfront fees. 


Close Outstanding Accounts and Improve Cash Flow

Construction is an extremely competitive industry; companies that don’t act quickly can easily fall behind their competitors. Allowing debt to build up and neglecting to collect payment on schedule costs you even more money, and it hurts your bottom line. 

The longer you allow outstanding debts to go unpaid, the less likely it becomes that you will ever recover your money. If you’re a commercial roofing contractor, you shouldn’t allow unpaid debts to pile up and drag your business down, especially when you’re working with business owners who are more than capable of paying their debts. 

Southwest Recovery Services is dedicated to promoting the success of your business by collecting on your unpaid accounts and helping you protect your bottom line.


Don’t Lose Your Valued 

Many business owners fear a debt collection agency will damage their professional reputation or end relationships with their clients. Commercial roofing contractors work hard to build relationships with their customers to create opportunities for future work, word-of-mouth advertising, and repeat business. We understand why some roofing contractors are wary of letting a debt collection agency speak for them.

At Southwest Recovery Services, our highly-trained and experienced recovery agents value the customer relationships you’ve built. We know we’re representing you, which is why we’re dedicated to having only professional, understanding interactions with clients who have been unable to pay. We take a firm but considerate approach when collecting, which is why we’ve been so successful at recovering hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.  Our approach to debt collection means you’ll get better results faster, without losing the trust of your customers who may be community leaders with a lot of influence.


Professional and Legal Debt Recovery Communications

When your own collection attempts fail, Southwest Recovery Services can take over your customer interactions and produce fast results. Debt collection calls are regulated by a group of laws prohibiting certain collection tactics, and violating these regulations can cost your company a large fine.  These laws are complex and easy to violate if you don’t have debt collection industry experience. 

Southwest Recovery Services uses legally compliant debt recovery methods and a professional approach that will prevent defensive reactions from your customers. Once we get in touch with your customer, we’ll consider their financial situation and work to resolve the account as quickly as possible. We make your customers feel understood so that they are more willing to adhere to a repayment plan.


Southwest Recovery Services: We Work for You

Roofing contractors usually aren’t experienced in B2B debt collection, which is why trying to collect your own debts can cost you more money and time than hiring a successful debt collection agency. We work hard to secure your debt using a calm, respectful approach to keep you on good terms with your clients. 

When you put us on the job, you can expect:

  • Frequent follow-up efforts to make quick contact with your clients
  • Dispute resolution
  • Professional representation
  • Faster, better results

Get quick debt payment and preserve your client relationships when you hire Southwest Recovery Services! We recover the money you’re owed so you can keep your roofing business running smoothly and continue to provide a valuable service to your customers.