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Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

From a patient’s perspective, their relationship with a medical provider starts with the appointment and ends when they leave or when they pay their final bill. However, a provider has a continuing relationship with the patient that may not end for months afterward. This is because of the revenue cycle, or the process of managing patient accounts and receivables. Insurance filings, appeals, patient co-pays, deductibles and the management of this process is labor intensive and time consuming.

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Challenges of Revenue Cycle Management

The staff of a medical practice verifies insurances, documents, codes treatments, bills the patient for their co-pay, files claims, waits for reimbursements and files appeals. Often these staff members are the same people responsible for dealing with the patients directly from setting the appointment to handling the paperwork and medical history forms.

The number one reason for insurance claims denials is inaccuracy and errors on paperwork. Something as simple as an incorrect ICD-10 code or missing signature can result in a denied claim. In this case, the need to file an appeal will be necessary, which delays reimbursement and potentially an incorrect bill to the patient.

Placing a lot of extra tasks on the staff contributes to the making of mistakes, chances of increased stress in the practice, and sometimes frustrated patients.

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RCM Solutions

One of the best ways to avoid some of these pitfalls is to outsource parts of your revenue cycle management to a reputable and competent third party. An organization that offers specialized RCM services and solutions is better equipped to efficiently handle administrative tasks related to medical billing and claims.

Efficiency is the key to maximizing revenue and boosting profit. A recent Black Book RCM vendor client experience poll found that over 70% of hospital CFO’s determined RCM outsourcing to be the best solution model for efficient revenue management. Similar opinion is shared by larger group medical practices with more than ten professionals preferred to outsource tasks related to the processing of claims and management of collections.

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Southwest Recovery Provides Revenue Cycle Management Services

When you decide to outsource your RCM, you need a partner you can trust. Southwest Recovery Services has been providing superior services to the medical industry for 20 years. We understand that RCM is not a typical debt collection. Our dedicated RCM teams are experienced and tenured in all aspects of medical transcription, billing, insurance, appeals and when necessary, patient collections. Our services function as an extension of your practice by providing accurate and updated information on charge captures, submission of claims, processing and remittances and other related administrative tasks.

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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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