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San Antonio Debt Collection Agency

If you have a business in San Antonio, Texas and people owe you money or don’t pay on time Southwest Recovery Services can help. We are a professional debt collection agency and outsourced receivables management provider with an office located in San Antonio. We help businesses with collecting the money they are owed for medical collectionsutility collectionsretail collectionsapartment collections and more.

San Antonio, as well as the state of Texas, has a 4-year statute of limitations on debt. This is concurrent with the Texas Debt Collection Act. This means that after 4 years, debt collectors cannot sue individuals in an attempt to collect debt. Throughout Texas, individual debt is high compared to the national average. However, in San Antonio, bankruptcies are on the decline. In fact, the bankruptcy rate in San Antonio from 2005 to 2011 was cut in half—a great improvement. However, there are many businesses and individuals in San Antonio who are still owed money from delinquent debtors. If you have a business or are owed money in San Antonio, Southwest Recovery Services is the best bet to settle your debt. We are a contingency-based collection agency located in San Antonio, right off Hardy Oak Blvd and Agora Palms Drive.

Who Should Hire A Collection Agency?

Staying ahead of collections isn’t easy. Knowing when it is a good time to start outsourcing your collections activities and how to maintain your customer relationships with early-out collections is just a small part of what we do.

There are several ways to know when it’s time to hire a collection agency. Hiring a collection agency isn’t only for dealing with debtors who flat-out deny responsibility for their debt. There are many other ways to know when a collection agency may be of benefit. For instance, if new customers don’t respond to your first attempt to collect debt, it indicates potential delinquencies in the future. Additionally, if there’s no payment history with the customer, the chances of them refusing to pay is much higher. Or, if you and a former customer agreed on a payment plan but they end up not following through, they likely won’t pay. Customers who still don’t pay after you’ve both agreed on a payment plan are among the least likely to pay.

Utilizing a collection agency like Southwest Recovery Services isn’t only a last resort; it’s a back-up plan. When it comes to customers with a history of financial responsibility, it’s beneficial to hire a collection agency as soon as possible.

Speaking of time, when it comes to collecting debt, each day counts. With each day that goes by, the lesser the chance you have of ever collecting your money. Based on our experience, most businesses use a collection agency after about 90 to 120 days of a delinquent account not making any payments. After 120 days, you’re much less likely to ever recover the debt.

When we collect on your debts we don’t ask you to pay until we collect. Yeah, that’s right, we are a contingency collections agency. Before we begin collecting on your behalf we will work with you to decide how much money you are willing to accept to settle the account, so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish. We are 100% transparent and have an online reporting system to keep track of collection efforts. You will only pay a specific fraction what we are able to collect.

Why Work With A Collection Agency?

Debt collection is a skill, especially when you want to preserve your vendor/client relationships. We have many years of experience collecting debts just like yours. Our staff has been trained to know what to say—and when—to get the most results. Our debt collectors are local; we don’t outsource your collections. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, and maintain professionalism when communicating with clients and debtors. Our recovery agents are properly trained, licensed, and have years of experience collecting debt in San Antonio with a great success rate. Southwest Recovery Services is compliant with HIPAA, federal, state and local collection laws.

Simply put, when you add up the cost and risk running collections operations in-house it is clear outsourcing collections efforts saves money, time and delivers superior results.

What We Need

Southwest Recovery Services utilizes every resource to collect what belongs to you. With that being said, the more information the better. To further boost your chances of collecting your money, we’ll need as much information about the debtors as possible, such as:

Southwest Recovery Services

Southwest Recovery understands the urgency required when collecting debt. We utilize all the information and technology we have to best equip our professionally-trained San Antonio recovery agents to recover your debt as swiftly as possible. Whether your debt is a medical debt, utility debt, apartment debt, or retail debt, Southwest Recovery Services has over 25 years of experience collecting what’s owed with compassion and professionalism. To recover a debt in San Antonio, call our office today. Let’s get started.

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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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