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Logistics Management Collections

Logistics Management Industry Collections

The logistics industry is the heart and soul of almost every industry in the US. Over the past several years, there has been an increased need for more CDL drivers and other highly skilled employees that are critical in maintaining timely transporting and delivering of goods for the more than 330 million people living in the United States. Air, maritime, and rail freight are also part of the logistics industry serving the needs of all businesses not only locally and nationally, but globally as well.

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Increased costs in fuel and maintenance over the past couple of years has put additional pressure on many of the smaller to mid-size companies. Driver shortages, employee turnover, and truck parking issues have increased. The need for more accurate tracking of customer goods and difficulty in customers willing to pay for increased costs is on the rise. Speed of delivery is a key issue and creates a highly competitive market. The industry is highly susceptible to supply chain disruptions and this can cause a lot of businesses to find other options for the transporting and receiving of their goods.

Laws, regulations, environmental compliance with emission reduction and anti-idling policies have had a big impact on the trucking side of the industry. On the rail side of the industry, this is often a less expensive option to transport goods from one place to another but there are some drawbacks. Limited flexibility in terms of time and not able to change schedules if an issue arises. The infrastructure in the rail freight segment is outdated, needs maintenance upgrades and this requires huge investments of capital.

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Southwest Recovery Services Solutions

Logistic companies have internal processes that address their accounts receivables, but aren’t able to be fully efficient or effective. There are issues that are sometimes time consuming and difficult to manage. Damage claims, shipper-consignee disputes, rate disputes and more can slow down the in-house collection process which can create cash flow issues and operational disruptions. Continuing to work these accounts without a positive result will cause the accounts to become less collectible over time. The accounts should be outsourced to an experienced and reputable Third-Party for intervention as soon as possible.

Southwest Recovery Services understands the unique challenges that create difficulty with unpaid debts and understand how to work through transportation industry claims. We can aggressively, but professionally pursue your unpaid freight bills and work through the most complicated accounts. We provide an easy process to assign accounts through a secure Client Portal and the accounts are able to be reviewed as the work process moves along. Competence and professional handling of your receivables is what you will find when trusting Southwest Recovery Services.

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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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