Commercial Equipment Rental Collections

When providing any sort of rental service to clients, you’re always at risk of nonpayment. Southwest Recovery Services takes a fast, friendly approach to debt collection for higher success rates and better outcomes. With Southwest Recovery Services, you’ll be able to secure your bottom line and keep your commercial rental equipment business afloat, all while preserving the good relationship you’ve built with your clients.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Outstanding debts can cost money and damage your bottom line if they aren’t resolved as soon as possible. Rental equipment staff aren’t trained or experienced enough to make collection calls, which is why relying on your own employees might cost you more money than hiring an agency. As a contingency agency, we don’t require an out of pocket start-up fee for the services we provide. Southwest Recovery can protect your cash flow, save you money, and help you avoid more debt in the future. 

Don’t Lose Client Goodwill

We use the latest technology to locate clients with outstanding debts as soon as possible, and our frequent follow-up calls help us make faster contact with the client. Once we’ve gotten in touch, we use a calm, compassionate approach to keep your client from being offended or defensive. This strategy helps us secure debts faster and with a higher success rate, without the risk of damaging your reputation. We know businesses work hard to gain the trust and loyalty of their clients, which is why we work hard to keep it.

Experienced, Professional Representation

Collection calls need to be made by someone who can represent your business well to clients. When using your own staff to make collection calls, they might not have the experience to represent your company in a professional way. At Southwest Recovery, we know one of our biggest responsibilities is to represent your company. Our skilled recovery agents are trained to represent you well and preserve the relationship you have with your clients.

Better Outcomes With No Out of Pocket Cost

Southwest Recovery is a contingency debt collections agency, which means you won’t have to pay anything to get started. Our pay is directly dependent on how much money we collect for your business, which means we get paid more for doing high quality work. With friendly, professional representations and faster collections, you can count on Southwest Recovery to secure your money and preserve client relationships. 

Southwest Recovery Can Help

If client debt is costing you more money every day, Southwest Recovery can help. As a contingency agency, our pay is determined by the job we do. Our collectors only charge a percentage of the money they secure for you! We offer skilled debt collection with high success rates for a wide range of industries. Our experienced recovery agents are trained to resolve disputes and make agreements, all without straining your client relationships. We use the latest technology to locate clients with debt and get in touch with them as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait any longer to collect payment. Here’s what Southwest Recovery can do for you:

  • Frequent follow-up efforts to make quick contact with clients
  • Dispute resolution
  • Improve your payment and collections system
  • Represent you with friendly, professional interactions

Don’t let unpaid accounts keep you from attaining profitability. For fast, friendly commercial equipment rental collections, you can always count on Southwest Recovery Services! Call us anytime at one of our many locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.