Commercial Debt Collections

Every business will eventually have to find a way to collect an overdue debt. While this is never fun for any business, it is especially challenging for businesses who serve other businesses. Commercial debt has many unique challenges. The way that businesses pay their bills is fundamentally different from the way consumers do. There are also different regulations that govern the collection of these kinds of debts. When you need to collect commercial debt, we recommend finding a professional recovery agent who is familiar with the process of working with business-to-business debt and debtors.

About Commercial Debt 

Billing and payment between businesses is very different than between businesses and consumers. Each business may have their own payment terms and different billing cycles. Billing and payment cycles can vary from 30 to 90 days. This can lead to missed payments and miscommunication. However, when the business has passed its own payment window and yours, it’s time to get professional help settling the debt. 

Typically, after 90 to 120 days, you have a few options as an original creditor. You can assign or sell the debt to a collector, or you can sue the client for the payment. Many collectors can handle the latter on your behalf. A contingency collection agency like Southwest Recovery Services will work with the client on your behalf and collect our fee only when you get paid.

Everyone cares about their reputation, and businesses have a special interest in maintaining their good name. Many businesses depend on the ability to borrow money to operate, so they are especially motivated to protect their credit worthiness. Placing your overdue debts with Southwest Recovery Services shows your clients that you are serious about collecting the money you are owed. Research shows that clients are more likely to pay their debts quickly when you involve a reputable recovery agent. 

Commercial Debt Collection Principles and Practices

At Southwest Recovery, we have a thorough knowledge of the laws governing commercial debt collection. We are highly experienced in this kind of work and our methods and practices are proven effective. We have the ability to manage a legal process from beginning all the way to post-judgment remedy. We provide  provide a full range of commercial collection services, including:

  • Debt negotiation, mediation or arbitration assistance
  • Pre-legal collections and remedies to obtain cash or collateral on behalf of our partners before a lawsuit is filed
  • Commercial litigation, which allows a case to be pursued through the judicial process, allowing for a more aggressive pursuit of a debtor company. In many cases, a civil judgment is rendered allowing for continued pursuit of assets.
  • Domestication of foreign judgments. Whether obtained in another state or another country, we can enter the judgment in a Texas court of competent jurisdiction and immediately begin taking action to collect the debt owed on the judgment.

Southwest Recovery is your Debt Collection Partner

Whether your business is large or small, we can help you recover your unpaid debts from other businesses. Contact our office regarding your commercial debt collection concerns today!