How a Moving Company Can Collect Debt Effectively

If you own a moving company, you understand the hassle of helping people transition from one home to another. You are in charge of helping your clients get all of their belongings to their new home, which can either be a city away or across the country. It feels good to know that you’re taking off some stress from these people, and you’re making a difference in the moving process. However, between the move and while your clients get adjusted to their new environment, they may forget to pay you for your services.

Oftentimes, the original cost estimate to move your client needs to increase based on factors only discovered on moving day.  Extra items or additional heavy boxes, or the need to take a large piece of furniture apart can cause a change in cost. When this happens, the client may be reluctant to pay the additional charges even though they agreed to pay any additional charges as your contract indicates. But like any other business, your moving company needs a steady income. Southwest Recovery Services has listed some tips to help you recover the unpaid bills effectively, as well as how we can help you directly.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are vital in any type of business or transaction. Before you perform your services, make sure that you are clear about how much your services cost and when the bill is due. We recommend having it written down in the form of a contract. That minimizes confusion and reinforces that you communicated everything. It also holds your clients responsible. Don’t sugarcoat the cost of your services either. If you are going to let your clients pay the bill off in portions, explain the details of that payment plan on the contract too.

Your communication skills are essential throughout the entire process. Before the bill is due, make sure you remind your clients about it. One or two reminders is ideal. You can send the reminder in the mail, email, or through text, or a combination of them. If they miss the payment, continue to send them reminders about their debt. If they don’t take any action, give them a call. It’s a lot harder to avoid a phone call than it is an email or text message. 

Nurture Your Relationship

Helping people move from one place to another can become an intimate experience. Your company is lending a helping hand throughout the stressful process of a move. They are trusting you with handling all of their valuable belongings. It’s important to have a good client relationship. You want them to have trust in your brand, so they can recommend you to their family and friends in the future too. 

Money is a sensitive issue that needs to be approached correctly. When you ask them to pay their overdue bills, be professional and respectful about it. You don’t want to tarnish your company’s reputation or relationship with the customers. 

Team Up with Southwest Recovery Services

The most effective way to collect your clients’ unpaid bills is to outsource to a debt recovery agency like Southwest Recovery Services. Our team is professionally trained to collect in a timely manner. We follow all state and national rules and regulations to ensure that an ethical recovery takes place. Our team has been in this industry for many years and we have dealt with all kinds of clients and scenarios. Get in touch with us today, to learn more about how we can help your moving company recover unpaid bills.

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