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Are You Struggling with Collecting Payments for Your Law Firm? – Southwest Recovery Services

Are You Struggling with Collecting Payments for Your Law Firm? – Southwest Recovery Services

Alaw firm is made up of lawyers who primarily advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities, represent clients in civil and criminal cases, represent and advise clients in business transactions, as well as other matters where legal advice and assistance is sought out. Needless to say, your law firm has a lot on their hands. And what about the clients that still haven’t paid you for your services? Although it’s a bit ironic, it does happen. Do you have a system in place for collecting that debt? Southwest Recovery Services has listed a couple of tips you can follow for collection practices, as well as how we can help you out.

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Client Relationships Are Golden

Your law firm gives legal advice on sensitive matters, and sometimes very personal ones too. There needs to be trust and communication in your relationship with the client, in order for them to proceed with your help. 

If you start chasing down your clients about the debt they owe you, it can tarnish your relationship. Your services will seem less genuine, and it could impact the trust they have in you. Even though you are collecting money for the job you already performed, it could negatively impact future relationships that you have with them, or you may not have one with them again. 

However, it is highly important to collect the money that you rightfully earned. Therefore, our advice to you is to remain respectful and professional when addressing the topic of money. Be clear about the amount of money that they owe and when you need it, but also be willing to work out a payment plan that works for them. This will allow for a smooth collection process.

Communication Is Key

Communication is a skillset you have most likely mastered in your career, and it is vital in debt collections as well. Before you begin your law services, be clear about the costs and don’t sugarcoat anything. Your services are necessary and expensive, so don’t try to sell yourself short. 

Southwest Recovery Services recommends sending a letter to remind your clients before the payments are due. That way, you alert them of the bill and hopefully they will pay it on time. If they have missed the bill date, send them a second letter alerting them of their missed payment and a date that they should pay it. If the letters don’t reciprocate an action from your client, give them a call. Phone calls are a lot harder to avoid than letters, so give your clients a call if they are being unresponsive. 

Outsource to a Debt Collection Agency

The most efficient and cost-effective way to collect your debt is by outsourcing to Southwest Recovery Services. Our agents are professionally trained to collect debt from all kinds of customers in every scenario. We understand how important your reputation is and your client relationships. That’s why, our agents will treat every client with respect and professionalism when recovering your debt. We follow all state and national rules and regulations, including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Bankruptcy Laws
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Certification Class
  • American Collectors Association Rules and Regulations

Southwest Recovery Services

Allow your law firm to focus on advising and representing clients, while Southwest Recovery Services collects unpaid bills from you clients. Contact Us with us today, to learn more about the different ways we can assist your law firm.

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