Tanning Membership Collections

Membership-based businesses like tanning salons depend on the loyalty of their members, which is why many tanning salons may try to resolve debts on their own. Unfortunately, your staff doesn’t have the experience to make effective collections calls. In fact, trying to collect payments on your own or with your staff’s help might actually make the problem worse. When you need to collect debts from your members, you can depend on Southwest Recovery. 

Protect Your Bottom Line

When you fail to act on delinquent accounts, it can damage your bottom line and disrupt cash flow. The longer debts go without being paid, the more they cost you in time and resources. Southwest Recovery uses the latest technology to keep track of delinquent accounts for you. When we identify a debtor, we’ll use frequent follow up calls to make contact with them as soon as possible. After we make contact, we use an industry-tested firm but friendly approach to encourage negotiation until we come to an agreement. 

Higher Success Rates

When you rely on your own staff to collect payments, you aren’t getting the outcomes you need. Research shows that debtors are more likely to make a payment when a third party recovery agent is involved, and Southwest Recovery uses a polite, friendly attitude to keep your clients from becoming defensive. This strategy results in higher success rates and better outcomes for your business. We’ll even pursue and attempt to collect on bad debts so we can secure as much money as possible for your business. 

Never Lose Valued Members

Because tanning salons depend on the loyalty of their clients, many salon owners worry they’ll lose members if they hire a debt collection agency. With Southwest Recovery, you’ll be able to collect on your debts without losing clients or damaging your reputation. We always strive to be respectful and polite when speaking to your clients, and we’re willing to listen to their financial problems and negotiate. Our unique approach to debt collection results in higher success rates and better outcomes, all without putting your reputation at risk. 

Professional, Compliant Debt Collection Services

Debt collection is heavily regulated by the government to protect debtors from harassment and scams. Responsible recovery agents, like the ones at Southwest Recovery, are informed and respectful of these regulations. We only use collections methods that are compliant with the law, and we’re always respectful of your clients. Southwest Recovery knows your reputation is extremely important, which is why we strive to represent your business in a polite, professional manner when speaking to your clients. 

Southwest Recovery can Help

If you’re struggling to collect debt from your tanning salon members, Southwest Recovery can help. Here are just a few ways we can help your business:

  • Frequent follow up efforts to make quick contact with your clients
  • Dispute resolution
  • Protect your bottom line
  • Improve your billing system to prevent future debt

Protect your reputation and collect delinquent payments fast when you choose Southwest Recovery. Our industry-tested firm but friendly approach to collections results in higher success rates and better outcomes for your business. Call or visit our website to get in touch with a skilled recovery agent today!