Restoration Company Debt Collections

Restoration companies have an important role in serving homeowners. When dealing with unexpected damages and disasters, property owners need more than a typical general contractor. They need someone who specializes in restoring structures that have been damaged and working with clients in crisis. Helping customers get their homes back is an important and rewarding job, and your company’s skills are well worth their price tag. Unfortunately, there are many instances where a customer may not pay their final invoice. This can cause major issues in your mid-to large size firm, as it can be costly and time consuming to collect.

Challenges of Collection for Restoration Companies

Unpaid invoices can be a major problem for growing restoration companies. After 90 days, these outstanding debts become much more difficult to collect, especially in-house. Your internal accounting team is unlikely to have the experience and tools at their disposal that encourages these customers to pay. Collecting outstanding debt requires special training and education, which is difficult to provide to your existing team. Obtaining these new skills would require a lot of time away from their regular tasks, which could cause other areas of your business to suffer. Hiring new employees for collection purposes is not a very good solution. In addition to the onboarding costs always associated with new hires, you also have to create an entirely new infrastructure for collections that includes access to attorneys, credit bureaus, and research tools. Although the cost of working with a debt collection agency is usually the number one objection to outsourcing unpaid debt, the costs of trying to collect in house almost always outweigh the cost of a good agency solution. 

Benefits of Working With a Professional Collection Agency

There are many benefits to working with a professional collection agency. First, recovery agents are well-trained and educated specialists who are uniquely qualified to recover debt in a timely manner. Their entire job is devoted to persuading a debtor to pay their outstanding bill as quickly as possible. In addition to their skills, they also have many tools at their disposal to help speed the process along. They have an efficient system of both mail and phone contact to reach out to customers. They also have access to the best tools for research, which is important when a customer changes their phone number or address to avoid recovery agents. Once they make contact , they have additional tools such as access to credit reporting and attorneys to take legal action on debts when it becomes necessary. This is why customers are so much more likely to pay debts after they have been referred to collections.

Southwest Recovery Services is the Solution

While many debt recovery services have similar features and services, Southwest Recovery Services is unique among them. Our number one feature is our approach to collection. We are a contingency collection agency, which means that we don’t buy debt up front at rock bottom prices or charge high fees. Instead, we work on collecting the debt at no up-front cost, and charge our fee when the debt is paid. Additionally, we are committed to respectful treatment of your customers through our entire collections process. Our firm but friendly approach ensures that your customers will be left with a positive impression of your company after the debt is paid, which helps you win repeat and referral business. These features combined mean we work with you and your customers to arrive at a debt resolution that is positive for everyone.

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