Law Firm Debt Collections

Attorneys have one of the most important roles in our justice system. You are the first line of defense for both victims and citizens accused of a crime. It also falls to you to help people and businesses navigate all sorts of civil litigation. You work tirelessly on behalf of your clients to represent them fairly and fight for justice. However, law firms and independent attorneys operate like any other business. You provide services to clients for a fee, and they are expected to pay. Unfortunately, like any other business, sometimes those clients don’t pay in a timely fashion. 

Challenges of Attorney Debt Collection

When clients don’t pay, it can put a real strain on your relationship with clients. If you have an independent practice, this is an especially big issue. It places you directly in the awkward position of trying to represent your client and maintain trust, but also collect the fees you are rightfully owed. In a law firm setting, attorneys may not be directly responsible for collecting fees, but it can still create tension in the client’s relationship with your firm. The responsibility for collecting payments may fall to administrative staff members who aren’t properly trained to negotiate and interact positively with the client. When dealing with retainer clients and large sums of money, this can spell trouble for your business.

Leave It to the Experts

Many businesses have concerns about referring their outstanding debts to a professional collection agency. One of the biggest ones, especially for attorneys and law firms, is that using a collection agency will damage their relationships with their clients. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when you work with Southwest Recovery. If anything, using professional recovery agents can preserve and strengthen those relationships. Our agents are professionally trained to work with legal clients professionally and compassionately in a way that honors your reputation. By taking you and your law firm out of the debt collection equation, you and your are free to focus on your expertise: helping clients win their cases.

Professional Debt Collection 

When you refer your overdue debts to a professional recovery agent, there are numerous benefits for your practice. Research shows that clients are inclined to pay their debts more quickly and more often when a recovery agent is involved. Using a collection agency also cuts the costs created by trying to collect debts internally. This is especially true when you use a contingency recovery agent like Southwest Recovery. We don’t charge any money up front for our services. We only get paid when you do. Once you factor in the time and productivity lost while trying to collect on your own, our services may save you money. Additionally, while laws surrounding debt collection and consumer protections may not be your area of expertise, we are well versed in this area of the law. We keep rigorous documentation and follow all legal standards when dealing with your clients. This protects you from any disputes with clients in the long run. 

Southwest Recovery Services is Here to Help

Dealing with unpaid debts is frustrating and overwhelming, especially when you are doing such important work. We specialize in working with attorneys and law firms to ease the burden of outstanding debt and help you get back to work. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you resolve outstanding client debt.