Fitness Club Collections Agency

When a member of your fitness club quits paying the monthly bill, your first reaction might be to attempt to collect the payment yourself. You might decide to ask a receptionist or a back-office worker to handle the collection calls for you, but this is a big mistake. Without the proper training, your staff isn’t equipped to make effective collection efforts. 

If you need help collecting debts from your club members, you can always count on Southwest Recovery Services.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Failing to act fast on delinquent payments costs you more in time and resources, which reduces the value of payments you collect and damages your bottom line. Don’t let bad debt disrupt your cash flow. Hire Southwest Recovery Services to collect debts quickly and effectively. If we notice any problems with your billing system, we’ll help you improve it so you can avoid more debt in the future.

Higher Success Rates

Debtors are more likely to pay off their debts if a third party recovery agent is involved, and Southwest Recovery Services uses industry-tested methods to collect debts with higher success rates and better outcomes. We use the latest technology to identify delinquent accounts as soon as possible. Once we’ve identified a debtor, we’ll make frequent follow up calls to get in touch with your client fast. We always use a firm, friendly approach with your clients, which makes them less defensive and more likely to come to an agreement.

Never Lose Valued Club Members

Fitness clubs depend on the loyalty of their clients, which is why many of these clubs shy away from hiring recovery agents. Unfortunately, your lack of experience could do serious damage to your image and reputation. Trying to collect debts on your own or with the help of your staff might cost you more clients than using a debt collection agency. Southwest Recovery knows the importance of your client relationships, which is why our team of recovery agents are trained to use non-judgmental language and a firm but friendly attitude when making collection calls.

Professional and Compliant Debt Collection Services

Debt collection is heavily regulated to protect debtors from harassment and scams. Our recovery agents are trained to only use methods that comply with these regulations, and we always strive to represent your company in a polite, professional manner to maintain your good name. We value your reputation as much as you do, which is why we’re always working hard to protect it while collecting your payments.

Southwest Recovery Services can Help

If you’re struggling to collect debts from your club members, hire Southwest Recovery to take care of it for you. Here are a few ways we can help your business:

  • Frequent follow up calls to make quick contact with your clients
  • Protect your bottom line and remove disruptions from your cash flow
  • Dispute resolution
  • Polite, professional business representation
  • Improve your billing system to prevent future debt

Protect your reputation and prevent disruptions in your cash flow when you hire Southwest Recovery. Our industry-tested approach to collections means you’ll be able to get payment from your debtors without sacrificing your good name. Call or visit our website to get in touch with an experienced recovery agent today!