There is no understating the value and importance of emergency medical services in protecting the lives of the people. For decades, millions of lives have been saved by those providing immediate first response medical care to those who need it. At Southwest Recovery Services, our vast experience of working with the healthcare industry helps increase delinquent account recovery so you can continue providing emergency care and save lives.

Reduce Non-Billable Accounts and Write-Offs

Emergency medical service providers receive over 40,000 requests for help each year. For each patient, the cost of transportation can range from $224 to $2,204 per transport according to a report published by the Government Accountability Office. These figures go even higher in rural areas where vehicles remain on standby despite low volumes of emergencies. These amount to high losses; over 40% of patient accounts are classified as non-billable due to numerous factors. Southwest Recovery Services locates and contacts the patients or responsible parties of delinquent accounts to recover patient information and reduce non-billables.

Improve Rate of Collection for Emergency Medical Services

The number of patient cases considered billable only account for 60% of the total requests made. Despite the low number of available cases considered billable, most EMS providers experience average collection rates of about 50% for billed receivables according to an Advanced Data Processing, Inc. report. Southwest Recovery Services improves collection performance and this can increase funding for faster emergency response.

A Commitment to Saving Lives

At the heart of every medical emergency, EMS providers are always the first to respond. But with poor collections, these services are left to operate with low funding. For first responders, operating without sufficient means will make it harder to save lives. At Southwest Recovery Services, we stand with the medical community in prioritizing healthcare services to those who need them most. Our agents understand that emergency medical responders serve at the frontline to preserve lives. In order to do that, we must protect the resources that make all of this possible.

Southwest Recovery Can Help

EMS providers are often so bombarded with requests for emergency care that they seldom have time to create a system for recovering money from delinquent accounts. Let Southwest Recovery Services handle that for you. Here are a few things that we can do for you:

  • Locate and reach patients that have not provided updated contact information
  • Increase follow-up activities with Medicare and other insurance companies
  • Offer appropriate payment options to the patient or responsible party

Allow us to help you provide high quality healthcare for patients who need it the most through our superior debt recovery system.

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