How SWR Debt Recovery Agents Can Locate Debtors in Hiding


Locate Debtors Who Abandoned Their Debt

If a client refuses to pay for your services, you may need a debt recovery agent’s help. Instead of dealing with the problem yourself, let someone with years of experience in the field handle it. SWR debt recovery agents have the tricks and resources to locate debtors hiding from their debt, and get them to pay. 

Information You Provide

One of the most important assets in a debt collector’s arsenal is the personal information you already have about the debtor. This is a great starting point and will help us track the debtor’s evasive journey.

This personal information may include credit card applications, emails, phone numbers, personal guarantees, or anything else that may help us track your debtors. Any piece of personal information could be the key to our agents finding and resolving the problem.

Credit Reports & Scores

A debt collection agency might opt for checking the credit scores too. If that fails, they will go for a full credit report. The reason why the first method is better is the price. Of course, every bit of information can be useful if the investigator knows where to look. 

The important bits might include address history, charged-off accounts, or even name variations, and each might prove to be an essential part of the investigation. A credit report will also reveal good payment histories and whether the debtor is looking for new credit such as a mortgage or car loan. If they are getting new credit, they should have an ability to pay for their old credit. 

Anyone Can Be An Informant

A collection agency can sometimes contact family members, friends, or anyone that may be in touch with the debtor. In addition, simple online lookups can provide an abundance of good information.  These resources are an excellent way of tracking people down. 

There are also reverse directories that allow users to browse phone numbers in numerical order instead of searching by name. Furthermore, an accredited debt recovery agency can contact employers, banks, and credit bureaus for the purpose of location information.  Any of these details might prove vital to solving the problem at hand. 

Check Their Social Media

Believe it or not, social media is excellent for learning more about people. Humans are predictable creatures. Eventually, they will share life updates with their friends and family. If their privacy settings are low, it can give us insight into the debtor’s life. You’d be surprised to know what people post on their social media profiles. Oftentimes, it can often give collectors more than enough details to find them and form a case. 

Of course, not every debt collector will use social media. Social media monitoring can also be a time-consuming process. Still, it is just one of many ways to find out the necessary information about the debtor in hiding. 

We Locate Debtors Using Skip Tracing 

Skiptrace or skip tracing is a process of discovering someone’s whereabouts. There are many stages of skip tracing. The process utilizes different forms of technology and information tracking methods to determine the client’s location. 

Our debt recovery agents may use email finders, phone books, public records, and nearly any other method that can aid the process. In the majority of cases, the creditor and the info they provide will be more than enough to find a person who owes you money. But even if this is not the case, there are many methods that can help along the way. 

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our methods, processes, or anything else that might interest you. 

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