Industry: Medical & Healthcare Collections

Orthopedic Medical Collections

Orthopedic Medicine Collections

Patient debt is an issue faced by hospitals, clinics, and private practices across the country. When patients don’t pay their bills on time, your business can suffer. Southwest Recovery Services

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Chiropractic Medical Collections

Chiropractic Collections

Chiropractors provide a much-needed service to patients who suffer from chronic pain, misaligned joints, old injuries, and other complaints. Unfortunately, when patients fall behind on their payments, chiropractic clinics suffer as a result.

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Assisted Living Collections

With the aging US population, assisted living services and retirement homes are more important than ever. Children of elderly parents are retiring late, if they get to retire at all.  That

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EMS Collections

There is no understating the value and importance of emergency medical services in protecting the lives of the people. For decades, millions of lives have been saved by those providing

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Nursing Home Collections

Millions of families are turning to nursing homes and other forms of long-term care (LTC) for their aging baby boomer parents. At Southwest Recovery Services, our empathetic approach to nursing

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