Industry: Medical & Healthcare Collections

woman with newborn at birth center

Birth Center Collections

Birth centers have other things to worry about then collecting unpaid bills. Your midwives, doulas, and coaches have their expertise in other areas. Southwest Recovery Services can take care of your debt collection.

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family medicine collections

Family Medicine Collections

Family medicine has always been very sought out in the healthcare system. Still, this specialized field continues to grow more each day. After the recent pandemic, more families are prioritizing

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Orthopedic Medical Collections

Orthopedic Medicine Collections

Patient debt is an issue faced by hospitals, clinics, and private practices across the country. When patients don’t pay their bills on time, your business can suffer. Southwest Recovery Services

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Chiropractic Medical Collections

Chiropractic Collections

Chiropractors provide a much-needed service to patients who suffer from chronic pain, misaligned joints, old injuries, and other complaints. Unfortunately, when patients fall behind on their payments, chiropractic clinics suffer as a result.

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