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family medicine collections

Family Medicine Collections

Family medicine has always been very sought out in the healthcare system. Still, this specialized field continues to grow more each day. After the recent pandemic, more families are prioritizing

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Assisted Living Collections

With the aging US population, assisted living services and retirement homes are more important than ever. Children of elderly parents are retiring late, if they get to retire at all.  That

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Nursing Home Collections

Millions of families are turning to nursing homes and other forms of long-term care (LTC) for their aging baby boomer parents. At Southwest Recovery Services, our empathetic approach to nursing

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Skilled Nursing Collections

Southwest Recovery Services provides debt recovery solutions for skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. At Southwest Recovery, we respect and appreciate the healthcare professionals who take care of their communities.

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Hospital Collections

Unpaid medical debt is a constant source of frustration and concern for patients, medical providers, and even insurance companies. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid and accounts need to be

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