Industry: Government and Municipality Collections

Bail Bonds Collections

Bail Bonds Debt Collection

When arrested most people can’t afford to pay the full amount of their bail, so they turn to bail bond agencies for convenient payment plans. When those clients default on their payments, they are sent back to jail, and their bail bondsman takes a loss on the money they fronted for the client. Don’t let unpaid bail bond debt harm your business.

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Oil and Gas Collections

The oil and gas sector has always been volatile. Global oil and gas prices are dictated by an equally volatile economy, which makes debt collection a big challenge for companies tethered

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EMS Collections

There is no understating the value and importance of emergency medical services in protecting the lives of the people. For decades, millions of lives have been saved by those providing

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Hospital Collections

Unpaid medical debt is a constant source of frustration and concern for patients, medical providers, and even insurance companies. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid and accounts need to be

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Utility Collections

The process of collecting debts can be challenging for a utility company.  While customers certainly need the services that you provide, there’s also a real need for you to be

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Municipal Collections

Southwest Recovery Services provides city and county government assistance Governmental entities nationwide are experiencing an ever increasing caseload, resulting in greater demand for more effective collection techniques. Southwest Recovery Services

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Medical Collections

At Southwest Recovery, we take a softer approach to medical debt collection. Instead of immediately trying to collect on a debt with hardball tactics, we take a problem-solving approach. We

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