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CFO Tech Outlook Top 10 Accounts Receivable 2019

Southwest Recovery Services has been featured on CFO Tech Outlook Top 10 Accounts Receivable 2019

CFO Tech Outlook, a print technology magazine that provides knowledge network to a large group audience by helping them enhance their business, has recognized Southwest Recovery Services for our advanced AI technology and machine learning capabilities, as well as our ethical debt collection strategies for businesses of all sizes.

AI-Enabled Ethical Debt Collection System

Southwest Recovery Services utilizes advanced AI technology to practice safe and ethical debt collection services. We understand that large businesses do not experience the same struggle small businesses do when facing debt, which is why we have automated the debt collection and recovery process.

Not only is debt collection our highest priority, but we strive to preserve company reputation throughout the entire process. We understand that the way clients feel about a company makes a large impact, which is why we practice empathy, kindness and ethical debt recovery.

How Ethical Debt Collection Makes a Difference

A Fortune 500 CEO, which initially hired a typical collection agency with a heavy-handed approach, was concerned about his company’s reputation. After switching to Southwest, we now manage over 5,000 new defaulters per month for the same company.

A Better Debt Collection Experience for Everyone

Southwest Recovery Services is honored to be featured on CFO Tech Support’s Top 10 Accounts Receivables companies for 2019. We will continue striving to provide high-quality, high-tech ethical debt collection services for businesses of any size into 2020—and beyond.

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Southwest Recovery Services is a national collection agency with offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

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    • This is an attempt to collect a debt.
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