ATE SW Recovery part 2

In part 2 of “Ask the Experts: SW Recovery”, Steven talks debt repayment plans; debtors who never intended to pay; the benefits of Southwest’s secure client portal; the importance of contracts and service agreements in defining the debt to be collected; and why pushy tactics don’t work.

ATE SW Recovery part 1

In part 1 of “Ask the Experts: SW Recovery”, Steven explains what the company does, how it helps businesses in all industries collect the debts owed to them, and why SWR is the ethical choice for debt recovery services. “Negotiation, not intimidation.”

Southwest Recovery Services on Ask the Experts

Southwest Recovery Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized full-service collection agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with collection agency offices in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, St. Louis and Oklahoma City. We help companies across a wide range of industries collect the money they are owed in a responsible, ethical manner.