Dear Valued Client,

I wanted to take a moment and say how much everyone at Southwest Recovery Services appreciates your business.  It means the world to us that you have chosen us as your trusted source to handle your collection needs.

I wanted to inform you that SWR is still open for business and stands ready to help our clients collect on any overdue receivables. Your receivables will be a lifeline to keep your business running.  During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are all being challenged to find innovative ways to keep our businesses operational. As we all know, cash flow will play an important role in sustaining your business operations during this trying time.

A cornerstone of the business philosophy at SWR has always been to treat people with the utmost respect, and we will continue to pursue sensitivity with your customers during this stressful time. Our staff has received explicit instructions to be very supportive and understanding with the people we are calling on the phones each day. You may be confident that we are taking every measure possible to find ways to work with your customers to find a solution to get your account paid.

I would like to encourage you to continue placing your past due accounts and let SWR collect these funds and supply a much-needed cash flow for your business. We are open for business and can play a vital role in helping you sustain your business operations.

At SWR, we stand strong in this fight and will be here through it with our clients to make sure we do everything possible to help in any way we can.

You can count on us, and together we will win this fight.

Steven Dietz
Southwest Recovery Services
Main 214-387-8068 Ext 310
Direct 972-984-5065
Toll Free 866-558-DEBT
Fax 214-619-0076

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