Rental Equipment Collections

Do you rent out equipment for parties and other special occasions? If so, you rely on timely payments from your clients so you can invest in new equipment and keep your existing inventory in good repair. Non-payment of an invoice is always an unfortunate possibility when you rent your equipment to others, but very few rental equipment employees are experienced in debt collection. This leads to stressful situations where you might be spending more time tracking down late payments than running your business. When you need to collect debt fast without sacrificing your client relationships, choose Southwest Recovery Services to represent you with calm, compassionate debt collection processes.

Collect Your Unpaid Debts

Outstanding or past due invoices can cost money and damage your cash flow if they aren’t resolved quickly.  Rental equipment staff members aren’t usually  trained to make collection calls, which is why relying on your own employees might cost you more money than hiring a professional agency.  Southwest Recovery is a contingency agency, which means we get paid a percentage of the money we recover.  We can protect your cash flow, save you money, and help you avoid more unpaid debts in the future by streamlining your accounts receivable processes. 

Preserve Client Relationships

Southwest Recovery uses the latest technology to locate your customers as soon as possible, and our frequent follow-up calls help us make quick contact with the customer.  Once we’ve made contact, we use a calm, compassionate approach to keep your customer from being offended.  This strategy helps us secure payments faster and with a higher success rate, without sacrificing your reputation.  We know you’ve worked hard to get the trust and loyalty of your customers, and we will work hard to maintain it. 

A Professional Approach

Many small business owners use their own staff to make collection calls, but their employees might not have the experience and training to best represent the company and thus the invoices are left outstanding.  At Southwest Recovery Services, we know one of our biggest responsibilities is representing your company in a positive way while getting results that you can take to the bank.  Our professional, highly skilled recovery agents are extensively trained to preserve the relationship you have with your clients while collecting the money that your business is owed.

We Don’t Paid Until You Do

Southwest Recovery is a national full service contingency debt collection agency, which means you won’t have to pay anything to get started. Our pay is directly dependent on how much money we collect for your business, which means we get paid more for doing high quality work.  With friendly, professional representations and faster collections, you can count on Southwest Recovery to secure your money and preserve client relationships. 

Southwest Recovery Services Can Help

If you’ve been attempting to collect your own debt without much success, Southwest Recovery can help.  We offer skilled debt collection with high success rates for a wide range of industries, and our experienced recovery agents are trained to make agreements without damaging client trust or loyalty.  We use the latest technology to locate your customers and get in touch with them as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait any longer to collect your payment. 

Southwest Recovery Services can help your business in countless ways, including:

  • Frequent follow-up efforts to make quick contact with clients
  • Dispute resolution
  • Improved payment and collection system
  • Representation with friendly, professional interactions

Our debt recovery agents are reliable and effective, and they are highly trained to produce the very best results. Rental equipment collections is just one of our areas of specialization. For fast, friendly debt collection with better outcomes and greater success, you can always count on Southwest Recovery Services to get you paid fast!