Unpaid medical debt is a constant source of frustration and concern for patients, medical providers, and even insurance companies. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid and accounts need to be settled in order for medical practitioners and facilities to continue operating normally. At the same time, the constantly increasing need for health care services and high-quality facilities means that more people than ever before are actively accruing medical debt across the country, and the challenge of effectively following up with them continues to get more difficult with each passing year. 

Rather than assigning additional resources and spending time developing new processes to pursue unpaid debt as a busy hospital, consider working with our team of organized and experienced debt collection professionals at Southwest Recovery Services in Dallas, Texas. Every member of our team understands how important it is to utilize the best practices and methods for approaching and interacting with account holders in a friendly, firm, and professional manner to convince them to close accounts that are past due. As a team that is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry to our customers, we are committed to ensuring that every action taken on your behalf are held to the highest levels of professional courtesy.

The Value of Respectful Representation

Our agents understand that medical debt can be a sensitive, and sometimes an emotional problem for people. Bills can be a reminder of the struggle they went through, and they can be ashamed because they still owe money to people who help them in difficult times. We recognize this reality and will treat each case with patience and compassion.

Reaching a settlement on an overdue hospital account can be frustrating because account holders may become more sensitive to their situation. By avoiding specific phrases or words that might induce a negative reaction while actively utilizing de-escalating techniques, our agents can promote a healthier and more positive atmosphere of communication that can produce lasting results.

The Advantage of Industry Experience

Reaching out to an account holder regarding past due balances can be difficult, time-consuming, and potentially stressful. If you have already designated a staff member to be in charge of the process of recovering revenue from unpaid accounts, that doesn’t mean they will be able to achieve favorable outcomes without knowledge of the collection industry, important resources, and tools to facilitate their efforts. As an organization that has worked with our clients for many years to help them recover revenue streams including from past accounts, we have perfected the best techniques and methods to ensure that the time we invest in debt collection efforts will lead to favorable outcomes.

The Best Return on Your Investment

The most frustrating part of working to resolve an account with late payments is understanding that the more time you spend on the overall process, the less value the result will have at the end. Because of the time, energy, and human resources needed to follow up on unsettled accounts, reaching a settlement may not always be as profitable as expected. The best way to maximize your return in this situation is to seek support from a team of experienced debt collection agents who will make every effort to use your time as efficiently as possible. At Southwest Recovery Services, we can help you collect debts quickly, efficiently, and with the care and concern.