Dentist Office Collections

The operation of a dental practice can be a rewarding and profitable experience that gives practitioners and other employees the chance to directly influence the smiles of their patients. At the same time, trying to deal with patients and business partners who don’t pay their bills on time can be a frustrating drain on the time and resources of your office.

DIY Debt Collection is a Drain on Your Resources

Instead of working with patients to give them the happy grins they deserve, your employees are forced to devote their energy towards following up on past due account balances. For many dental practices, it can be challenging to find the best way to ensure that every account on file is effectively managed and paid in full with minimal cost in time and resources. The more energy you and your team spend on these late payments, the lower your total long-term return. The reality is that the more time an organization spends on getting account holders to pay off their debts, the lower the value of that payment at the end of the day.

Instead of investing additional resources, energy, and staff towards making sure accounts are settled, it’s better to secure the services of experienced and highly skilled debt collection professionals like our team at Southwest Recovery Services in Dallas, Texas. Every member of our team knows the best methods and techniques for friendly, reliable and professional contact with our clients and their account holders. As a team committed to providing each of our clients the best service in the industry, we are dedicated to ensuring that the communication and interactions we carry out on your behalf always meet the highest standards of politeness and professionalism that you could expect from your employees as they interact with patients.

Professional Representation by an Experienced Team

When we communicate with individual patients or others that may have an outstanding balance at your office, our team will always interact in the most professional manner. By maintaining a polite, calm, but firm demeanor, our highly qualified team members can initiate a collection effort that will not produce a negative or critical response that could damage your overall image or your brand. Tracking and communicating productively with unpaid account holders can be a difficult process without prior experience. Given the limited resources available to most organizations when it comes to locating account holders, it is always better to take every opportunity to make the most of this interaction. By avoiding possible keywords and trying to reduce stress during interactions, our agents can promote a healthier and more positive atmosphere of communication that is more likely to result in payments.

Take Advantage of Industry-Specific Resources

It might be difficult, time-consuming, and very troublesome to convince people with an outstanding balance to pay their bills. Even if you choose one of your employees to manage your outstanding balances on accounts, that does not mean that they will achieve the best results without effective industry knowledge, support, and experience. As a company that works with clients in various industries to track and recover significant revenue losses over the years, we have developed powerful tools using the best techniques and methods in the industry to ensure that the time we invest leads to positive results.