Automobile Deficiency Collections

When a car owner falls behind on their payments, their lender might have no choice but to repossess the vehicle and in most cases, sell it at an auction. Nearly ever is the amount of the car loan satisfied in full once this process has been completed.  The owner is responsible for any unpaid amounts remaining. The amount of money the borrower still owes on the vehicle is known as the deficiency amount. If you have clients who are unwilling or unable to pay their deficiency balance, don’t try to collect on your own. Hire the help of an experienced debt collection agency like Southwest Recovery Services instead.

Secure Your Cash Flow

When debts become old in your system, they can disrupt your cash flow and cost you more money than they’re worth. Southwest Recovery uses the latest technology to find debts in your system and act on them as soon as possible. We’ll also look into your billing system to tackle old and bad debt so we can collect as much as possible. If we notice any issues with your billing system, we’ll fix them right away to reduce future bad debts. 

Benefit from Our High Success Rates

Collecting deficiency payments is difficult, especially when you’re dealing with people who’ve just lost their cars. Debtors might be more irritable and less willing to work with you after having their vehicles repossessed, but they’re more likely to come to a resolution when a third party debt collector is involved. Southwest Recovery uses a combination of frequent contact efforts and friendly but firm communication to quickly secure payments with a higher success rate than other debt collection agencies.

Keep Your Clients Happy

We understand that you care about your reputation, which is why you might be hesitant to hire a debt collector. Southwest Recovery knows you care about your clients and your reputation, so we focus on collecting payments in a way that won’t reflect negatively on you. We preserve client relationships by being friendly and understanding of their problems. Not only does this make us more successful at collecting payments, but it makes your debtors less likely to be defensive and more willing to negotiate. With Southwest Recovery, you’ll never have to choose between collecting payments and maintaining your reputation.

A Unique Approach to Debt Collection

Debt collection has been heavily regulated by the government to protect debtors from harassment, which makes the process tricky for anyone who doesn’t have experience with it. Southwest Recovery only uses ethical and legal methods to collect debts on your behalf. We care about your reputation, and we do everything we can to represent you in a polite, professional manner to your debtors.

Southwest Recovery Collects Deficiency Balances

If you’re struggling to collect on automobile deficiency balances, Southwest Recovery Services can help. Here’s what we can do for you: 

  • Dispute resolution
  • Frequent follow up efforts to make quick contact and resolution
  • Secure your cash flow
  • Improve billing system to avoid future delinquent debts
  • Polite and professional representation

Southwest Recovery Services uses a proven, collaborative approach to automobile deficiency collections. We collect debts with greater success than other agencies, and our pay depends on the quality of work we do for you. Call us to get in touch with an experienced automobile deficiency debt collector today!