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Recover an Outstanding Account

Southwest Recovery Services is a full-service contingency agency, and we’re ready to recover outstanding debts. Southwest Recovery Services has offices located in Addison, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City. This makes it easy for creditors nationwide to utilize our debt recovery services. Not only do we have the tools to recover debts from the most stubborn of debtors– but we won’t ask for a penny until after we recover the debt. So no matter your industry or location, don’t hesitate to refer an outstanding account to our collection offices. 

Debt Collection Initial Communication

Once you refer an account to us we’ll get started right away. The first step is communicating to the debtor that their account is now with us, the amount they owe, and other relevant details. We reach out to debtors using both oral and written communication methods to ensure they receive the message. 

Tracking Debtors

At times, it may be difficult to recover outstanding debts with in-house debt recovery simply because you can’t find the debtor. They may change their phone number, move out of state, or take other evasive measures. Regardless, SWR has state-of-the-art technologies and can manage location efforts. During the location and collection process, our agents remain professional, ethical, and compassionate. So while we may have to employ skip tracing techniques, we continue to adhere to the following regulatory and professional guidelines:

Debt Repayment Negotiations

Oftentimes a debtor will avoid debt collection efforts because they fear they won’t be able to pay the full amount. Our trained and experienced debt recovery specialists have experience overcoming debtor objections and negotiating an agreeable repayment plan. This increases the likelihood that you’ll recover most, if not all of the money you’re owed. 

Debt Reporting

SWR also reports accounts to credit bureaus upon the creditor’s request free of charge. This is an effective tool in the collection process because people don’t want past debts to affect their credit score. If their credit score drops it can affect their chances of being approved for a car loan, mortgage loan, or even a gym membership. Reporting their debt to a credit bureau may encourage them to enter into negotiations with our recovery agents. However, in accordance with the law– once their debt is paid we will update the credit bureaus right away. 

Debt Recovery Through Legal Action

There are times that even with our best efforts, a debtor will avoid paying. But this obstacle won’t stop us. At SWR, we will utilize every tool available to us to recover the debt for you. This may require us to obtain a legal judgment but we will take that step if it becomes necessary. 

SWR Can Recover Outstanding Debts

If you’re struggling with customers that won’t pay outstanding balances, contact us right away. In-house debt recovery efforts can be challenging. It’s more than likely you’ll have staff who isn’t trained to handle these matters working on debt collection, which will take them from their duties and may not even be successful. In the worst-case scenario, you may also run out of time and be no longer able to collect if the debt hits the statute of limitations. Don’t risk losing out on your money because you didn’t seek professional help soon enough.

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