How a Debt Collector Can Collect An Outstanding Debt

Most people want to avoid debt collectors at any cost. The interest charges on hefty account balances can be debilitating, and rather than trying to pay it down– they run. Perhaps you’ve already tried collection efforts in-house to no avail. You’ve called, sent emails, snail-mail, and barred them from using your products or services. You have no clue how to make them pay off their balance, and the cash-flow deficit is hurting your business. This isn’t a problem you want to continue pursuing, especially since it’s taking time and energy away from your business’ operation. 

Well, with SWR you can get back to what you’re good at and get paid. Southwest Recovery Services has an expert staff equipped with tools and training that greatly increase the likelihood of debt recovery. Below are some general steps we can take to recover debt for your business.

Initial debt recovery steps

When you send an account to collections with SWR we will start trying to recover the debt immediately. First, we’ll send out oral and written communication explaining that we now have the account. This alone may prompt a debtor to get in contact, simply because they don’t want the credit bureau to be notified. 

What if they disappeared?

If the debtor seems to be missing in action, we can use state-of-the-art skip tracing techniques to track them down. Even if they move or change their phone number, chances are we’ll be able to find them. 

Refusal to pay

Our debt recovery agents are trained to be empathetic but firm. Our methods have proven to be successful over the years because we’re ethical and work with debtors to help them resolve their debt as quickly as possible.  We can also manage any objections using our effective negotiation techniques. 

Credit reporting

Sometimes, a debtor is just stubborn and has no intention of paying up. When this happens we can report the debt to credit bureaus. This may temporarily tank their credit score, and encourage them to set up a payment plan with us. Now, we don’t want to cause any lasting or unnecessary damage. We update the 3 consumer reporting agencies each month. Once their debt is paid off we’ll have the negative account information deleted from their credit report. 

Legal Action

While unlikely, it’s possible that none of our previous efforts will be successful. Then, we can turn to the court system and obtain a civil judgment. Once we get a judgment, we can utilize more collection methods. In Texas, this may lead to bank account garnishments, repossession, or a property lien. Still, no matter what collection methods we employ we always adhere to all state and federal laws and guidelines. 

SWR Debt Recovery 

Are you trying to recover outstanding debts? The expert debt recovery agents at any of Southwest Recovery’s seven locations are waiting by the phones, and ready to help you! It’s completely free to submit an outstanding account to collections. We’re a contingency agency, which means we only collect a percentage of the amount we’re able to collect. 

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