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How to Turn Tax Refund Season into Collection Success

Toward the end of the year, many people will be eagerly anticipating tax payments. The average federal tax return is around $ 2,000. For the average person, this amount can be a significant contribution to annual expenses such as vacations, car repairs, and holiday purchases. Tax returns can also be used to pay off debts, but sometimes overdue bills are no longer a priority for debtors. At Southwest Recovery Services in Dallas, Texas, our team of experienced debt collection agents has spent years helping our clients recover lost revenue and settle unpaid accounts.

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3 Ways to Get Paid By ‘Stonewalling’ Debtors

One of the primary reasons that our clients end up relying on our collection services to try and recover lost revenue from their customers is a behavior known as “stonewalling” that involves making every effort to avoid answering the phone or responding to email requests. This type of behavior by a customer who owes money can be frustrating, and for many businesses or in-house collections teams, the options for overcoming this type of barrier can seem extremely limited.
At Southwest Recovery, our team of highly experienced professional collections agents has been working with clients across Texas and in other parts of the nation for years to recover lost revenue and settle bad debts in a variety of industries.

What to do With Unclaimed Property?

State law may dictate the process for managing unclaimed consumer over payments and refunds. Why is this important for you to know? “Each state is different but you are required to refund over payments on a consumer’s account.