March 2016

Winning with Kindness

When I started in the collection industry in 1994 I had received my on the job training as a front line credit/collection clerk for a nationwide furniture company. As an impressionable 20 year old, I was all ears whenever I could over hear James Ryan,  who was the senior collector… Read More »Winning with Kindness

Small Business Debt Under Obama’s Administration

President Barack Obama aims to remind American citizens about the country’s economic u-turn that has occurred as he held office. If you remember in January 2009 people witnessed the free fall of the US economy wherein a lot of Americans lost their jobs and even their homes. Much of this turmoil was caused by a subprime lending problem and a housing bubble. Businesses, as well, went bankrupt and even the once thought invincible US auto companies and powerful US banking system required government bailouts.Read More »Small Business Debt Under Obama’s Administration